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CraftShades is a leather bags manufacturer & trading brand. We manufacturer all bags according to latest styles, fashion trends and mix some more creativity.  We know the fact that

no body can grow individual, everyone need to have rights partners and team for the success.

And we are always open for that kind of partnership. We provide the complete branding and marketing support to you along with the same quality material what we sell.  If you become our partner cum wholeseller, you will get the price that we also don’t sell on. but there are certain strict rules with that case, that we don’t allow multiple whole sellers in one city.
There are some more conditions that we can discuss.
We are happy to deliver you the Branded and Non branded products.  As we want to grow everyone who are affiliated with us.

Birthday means anyone’s special day. The fest you’ve waited for an entire year, and just a couple of days to go for another, must sound as intriguing. To make this amazing day unique to your family and friends we bring you something modest yet luxurious, rich yet sensible, something everlasting to go with your affection until the end of time.

Leather, in the same class as we have made it up until this point, is a brand in itself and genuine skin has consistently changed the style, taste with the best of human decisions. In any case, with regards to giving your original ones a present that they will esteem forever, you would most likely be thinking about the most ideal benefits, yet not exceeding your financial limit.

The plan under absolutely includes one that you feel your loved one must have in their storerooms.

Messenger Bags

This is one must-have these days regardless of gender orientation or taste. Be it the common workers or the school-goers, this is the thing that anybody wants to claim and move.

For your man, a strong leather full-grain is something he will always remember and will comfort him in the whole of his hustles long-lasting. You may search for some extra highlights to make it a more perfect purchase, similar to a free shoulder strap, inside pockets, and external zipper pockets to suit every one of his fundamentals, slick and clean. Slight not, to pick by darker brown shades with a touch of pleasing patina on it.

You may likewise switch your decision with a cross-body I-cushion pack for the ‘man at work’. This popular and polished cowhide piece is intended to set everyone’s eyes forthright. With great metal zippers and texture internal coating in every one of the creator pieces, you can doubtlessly make this birthday very excellent. Checkout a greater amount of Messenger collection here.


Leather Backpack

A Backpack is a rare decision with regards to pure calfskin, and trust me, this is the reason it is as yet one of the isolated and one of a kind decisions you can decide for a present simply out of the container.

Backpacks serve, to convey PCs, for movement, and even an easygoing wandering around, yet leather has never demonstrated this adaptability with a rucksack. Craftshades.com acquire the enormous decisions the astounding make an excellent plan of cowhide.

Travel with a leather bag can make the best out of the experience trips or a mountain trek one can design. Our movement backpacks are made out of real and solid goat leather that requires its flexibility but is tough enough to help and oblige all things you may require during the adventure. Having profound pockets for each, extra side and front pockets, these backpacks go between 16″ to 20″ and you may get this one for a present

Leather Duffel bags

Here is the best present you may surprise your loved one with on the off chance that he likes voyaging. Any stunning travel is insufficient without a first-class and attractive travel sack, and when you have a cowhide duffel from High On Leather and, not at all like it. A Leather duffel presently comes in numerous styles and structures and gives you enough degree to pick between the best accessible choices. Checkout more duffel gathering here.

Wash Bags

This is another part of the review, with regards to leather. Toiletry bags have consistently been a composite piece of the things or travel pack for a very long time. Be that as it may, the best spirit and nature of certified leather has changed its cutting edge utilization to the whole stockpiling for toiletries and other travel basics. Wash sacks, that we call them to accompany basic wrist wraps, quality zippers and decorations and is accessible in 100% full-grain leather. A vintage dark-colored wash pack can be a piece of any movement that your individual will design in their coming days.

High on Leather has any sort of range and shows, you may conceivably consider in cowhide. Our master group is always trying to present to you the most recent and best designs fascinated with love and friendship that will present to you an amazing Birthday.

Leather handbags sales have escalated over the past few years, and it’s easy to understand why. This practical container for the essentials of life has become the easiest canvas for fashion’s ideas, without the limitations of fitting around a figure, foot, face or hand! Clutch your leather handbag without the need for worrying ‘does my bum look big in this?’, or ‘will it even fit me?’, as it rests gently in your hand or on your arm, for instant fit satisfaction.

The leather handbag will be the first item in your wardrobe to reflect the current trends of the season. For example, last year saw a return to seventies style leather handbags in classic brown, in total contrast to last year, which flooded with patent black leather handbags.

If purple is the colour of the season, don’t expect a mass of purple suits at rush hour, oh no – it will be purple leather handbags, in every style, leather and finish imaginable, toted over suits in banker-friendly colours!

But so many options can be overwhelming, so here is the dilemma for someone seeking a leather handbag – where do I start first? Start here…

Your Monday-Friday Life

Your life comes first, and your leather handbag must fit to this. Your first leather handbag will cater for your Monday to Friday routine. If you have a job, is it creative or corporate? Do you have to carry paperwork and a laptop computer home?

A large shoulder bag fits on the shoulder is appropriate for carrying light paperwork. If you’re always on the go, make sure to choose a simpler style leather handbag with less metal hardware, such as a laptop handbag, as it will be lighter.

On the other hand, if it is only the bare essentials to be carried, choose elegance with a handheld leather handbag. Handheld leather handbags are the smartest accessories and perfect for a job where appearance is very important, such as in a corporate environment.

A less formal job calls for a more relaxed style leather handbag. The creative worker tends to travel a lot, seeking inspiration, so choose a leather satchel bag. This will fit comfortably across the body, and leave your hands free, for minimum restriction.

Chances are you might still be at college or university, and here is where the leather bag becomes most essential! Large leather laptop handbags and messenger bags will be the most practical option for a student, as they are especially designed to carry a heavy load.

Full time mums have the most ‘hands on’ job, so it is important that they feel special too! Keep your outfit low-key and add that something special with your accessories. Any leather handbag can be your choice, including very glamorous styles, but like Elle Macpherson, we’re really liking the leather satchel on the school run look.

Lastly, if you’re lucky enough to be retired or you don’t have to work, more freedom provides more options for your leather handbag. Choose an elegant handheld leather handbag, or a medium sized leather shoulder bag, that will look trendy.

Evenings And Weekends

What do you have planned for the weekend? Actually I don’t know either… but whatever happens, isn’t it right just to have one easy to wear leather bag?

For special occasions or a night out, simple leather clutch bags with a detachable shoulder strap are becoming more trendy than fancy embellished evening bags.

This type of bag is practical for a weekend trip too, if they feature a detachable shoulder strap.

Whether it’s for groceries or a sofa, most of us will be shopping sometime this weekend, so a leather satchel bag makes an easy hands-free leather handbag. Otherwise, I find a leather shoulder bag is appropriate for when you feel more ‘dressy’.

On Holiday

As if leather handbags haven’t solved almost all of life’s problems, now they are morphing into suitcases. In the past we would have been happy to be seen with a nylon sports duffle at the airport, but not now!

Most ‘large’ leather shoulder bags and leather handbags are now so big, they can easily fit the essentials for an overnight stay or city break.

There are even wheeled leather handbags the size of suitcases – sure to cause handbag envy at the airport!

So with so many options to fit every occasion in our busy lives, is it no wonder that leather handbags are so popular?

About a century ago if I had told my buddies that I was in a coffee shop working, it could only mean I was a waiter, a coffee maker or a hard-cored bluffer. With the advent of the laptops it is definitely not the case anymore. It has empowered us to relocate our workplace from the dowdy monotonous office cubicle to almost any place where we can find solace and hence work efficiently. This miraculous invention that aids us in all walks of life has become quintessential and needs to be carried with us wherever we go. It is obviously not possible to carry them around in our hands every time. So when one goes to purchase a bag for one’s laptop it is always difficult to choose the best. Here we are to help you through this difficulty.

One of the major confusions will be in making a decision as to whether to pick a backpack or a messenger bag. On point, messenger bags are the best suitor to your beloved laptops, since it has better weight distribution capabilities and hence does not cause any sores on your shoulders.

Secondly, you need to find the best material type for your messenger laptop bag. There are three main types of material for making messenger bags:

  1. Canvas
  2. Nylon/pleather
  3. Leather

Who are we kidding? When we know leather is an option, why look for others? Unlike canvas leather messenger bags are abrasion and water-resistant. In leather vs nylon race, leather bags the gold medal again due to its durability and longevity.

Black Leather Messenger

So leather messenger bag it is. Not convinced yet? Here are five signs why leather messenger bags are the most advocated for your laptops.

  1. They give you the most urbane, classy and professional look:

I am sure you don’t want to look like a dorky collegiate or a schoolie. Imagine wearing a suit and pairing it up with a backpack or even a canvas messenger bag for that matter. “Horrendous ” is the only word that construes the description. If you want that ship-shaped and majestic look, then leather messenger bags should be your cherry-pick.

  1. These bags help you find things quickly:

Suppose you have an important presentation to give at your office. Taking out your charger, your laptop and its wireless mouse from a messenger bag is faster than taking it out from a backpack. Who knows, by the time you unpack it from your backpack your boss will be screaming at you and your co-workers smirking wickedly. Leather messenger bags always have your back in any frenzied and hurried situation.

  1. Leather messenger bags are the most comfortable for your laptops:

Backpacks leave sweaty patches on your back by the time you ride your bike through the short stretch from home to work. Leather messenger bags with a strong support grip come as angels to your rescue. They hardly leave any sweat patches on your prim “white collar” clothes.

  1. They are appropriate for men of all age groups:

Gone are the times when bags where associated with effeminacy. We have come way past the “hangover” movie stereotypes. Nowadays men of all age groups sport leather messenger bags also known as carryalls, be it U.K, U.S.A, India or Australia. It can camouflage with any style and occasion doesn’t matter if you are a white collar professional or artist on the go or a geek. You can carry it to a concert, a café, a flight or to work. It looks just in place with any outfit you wear.

  1. Leather messenger laptop bags can outcast generations:

Leather bags of fine quality can be used for a number of decades. My granddad passed one to my Dad. It has aged so beautifully that I am eager to carry it to my office one day. But it is one of my dad’s most precious possessions. He is not going to budge any sooner. Contemporary styling involves leather messenger bags to be paired with the color of your shoes and belts to give a classy finish to your look. But this rule can be slackened. Wear it anyways you like, you impeccably are going to steal the show.

I hope that you now know why leather carryalls are the best for your laptops. Feel free to pick any bag from this category if you feel like. We have a veritable collection to choose from.

We started our leather bags and accessories business with an aim to conquer the high street. To appear in the finest fashion shops up and down the country. That was 13 years ago but the idea of committing all resources to “the internet” was laughable. So we exhibited at Spring Fair and Top Drawer wholesale exhibitions and got ourselves a good base of great shops to sell to. We also kept going with “the internet” just in case if by some miracle, this new fangled technology took off.

Fast-track to a year ago and how things had changed in such a small amount of time. Almost everybody feels completely comfortable with shopping for virtually everything online. This trust has been gained over the last 10 years, totally changing our shopping habits and getting us very used to “next-day delivery” shopping (I mean it is handy).

From this trend, we saw our online side of the business leap forward and our wholesale side slow to just a few key shops as the high street felt the pressure of competing with companies who weren’t paying high rents who were reaching a far larger target audience.

The best high street retailers still stand strong through experience and customer loyalty and over the last few years the emergence of a new type of independent retail shop has made things much more interesting when you’re having a mooch round your local town centre.

These shops generally sell a wide range of products from a variety of smaller businesses where quality and originality are key. You’ll find anything from vintage furniture to handmade jewellery to boutique sunglasses – all of which are a pleasure to browse and to see in the flesh, which means that shopping for the home or for gifts has a new venue in many of the UK’s cities and towns.

We love this new trend. The success of these new shops is directly related to what great shoppers the shop owners tend to be – filling their spaces with fun, eclectic, good value products that you want to own or give. You’ll generally find the service pretty exemplary too, where complimentary gift wrapping is regularly standard.

We wanted to get involved!

We did our first wholesale exhibition in 10 years a week ago at Top Drawer in London’s Olympia and, although we were slightly apprehensive at the change of tact, things went swimmingly and we got to meet just the type of new and old retailers that help hold town centres together.

These trade exhibitions are a little bit like gambling – the stakes are high for small businesses, particularly as the people looking now have the internet to search on as well to find unique products. This keeps standards high though and there is no room for poor quality items that aren’t ethically made in this new wave of more thoughtfully stocked shops.

For Bulk Requirements or corporate gifting, click Inquire Now and submit your details to us. Our sales executive will call you within a while.