Leather handbags sales have escalated over the past few years, and it’s easy to understand why. This practical container for the essentials of life has become the easiest canvas for fashion’s ideas, without the limitations of fitting around a figure, foot, face or hand! Clutch your leather handbag without the need for worrying ‘does my bum look big in this?’, or ‘will it even fit me?’, as it rests gently in your hand or on your arm, for instant fit satisfaction.

The leather handbag will be the first item in your wardrobe to reflect the current trends of the season. For example, last year saw a return to seventies style leather handbags in classic brown, in total contrast to last year, which flooded with patent black leather handbags.

If purple is the colour of the season, don’t expect a mass of purple suits at rush hour, oh no – it will be purple leather handbags, in every style, leather and finish imaginable, toted over suits in banker-friendly colours!

But so many options can be overwhelming, so here is the dilemma for someone seeking a leather handbag – where do I start first? Start here…

Your Monday-Friday Life

Your life comes first, and your leather handbag must fit to this. Your first leather handbag will cater for your Monday to Friday routine. If you have a job, is it creative or corporate? Do you have to carry paperwork and a laptop computer home?

A large shoulder bag fits on the shoulder is appropriate for carrying light paperwork. If you’re always on the go, make sure to choose a simpler style leather handbag with less metal hardware, such as a laptop handbag, as it will be lighter.

On the other hand, if it is only the bare essentials to be carried, choose elegance with a handheld leather handbag. Handheld leather handbags are the smartest accessories and perfect for a job where appearance is very important, such as in a corporate environment.

A less formal job calls for a more relaxed style leather handbag. The creative worker tends to travel a lot, seeking inspiration, so choose a leather satchel bag. This will fit comfortably across the body, and leave your hands free, for minimum restriction.

Chances are you might still be at college or university, and here is where the leather bag becomes most essential! Large leather laptop handbags and messenger bags will be the most practical option for a student, as they are especially designed to carry a heavy load.

Full time mums have the most ‘hands on’ job, so it is important that they feel special too! Keep your outfit low-key and add that something special with your accessories. Any leather handbag can be your choice, including very glamorous styles, but like Elle Macpherson, we’re really liking the leather satchel on the school run look.

Lastly, if you’re lucky enough to be retired or you don’t have to work, more freedom provides more options for your leather handbag. Choose an elegant handheld leather handbag, or a medium sized leather shoulder bag, that will look trendy.

Evenings And Weekends

What do you have planned for the weekend? Actually I don’t know either… but whatever happens, isn’t it right just to have one easy to wear leather bag?

For special occasions or a night out, simple leather clutch bags with a detachable shoulder strap are becoming more trendy than fancy embellished evening bags.

This type of bag is practical for a weekend trip too, if they feature a detachable shoulder strap.

Whether it’s for groceries or a sofa, most of us will be shopping sometime this weekend, so a leather satchel bag makes an easy hands-free leather handbag. Otherwise, I find a leather shoulder bag is appropriate for when you feel more ‘dressy’.

On Holiday

As if leather handbags haven’t solved almost all of life’s problems, now they are morphing into suitcases. In the past we would have been happy to be seen with a nylon sports duffle at the airport, but not now!

Most ‘large’ leather shoulder bags and leather handbags are now so big, they can easily fit the essentials for an overnight stay or city break.

There are even wheeled leather handbags the size of suitcases – sure to cause handbag envy at the airport!

So with so many options to fit every occasion in our busy lives, is it no wonder that leather handbags are so popular?